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OFW Advisories 2008

Returning OFWs should get travel exit clearance early
The POEA advises overseas Filipino workers returning to the country for the holidays to have their overseas employment certificate (OEC) or travel exit clearance processed early to avoid the holiday rush.
   To avoid the huge crowd at the POEA offices OFWs should secure their exit clearance  at the Philippine Overseas Labor  Office (POLO) nearest their jobsite even before their flight to the Philippines, or as soon as they arrive in the country.

China targets illegal foreign workers
The Chinese government is cracking down on illegal foreign workers, including undocumented Filipinos
working as teachers and house maids. There is a demand for teachers in China but not all schools are allowed to hire foreigners. It prohibits foreign nationals from doing manual labor such as those of nannies and domestic helpers. A foreigner has to hold a working "Z" visa in order to work in China. READ MORE ABOUT WORKING IN CHINA

POEA not recruiting nor accepting applications for Canada
The Canada provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia which have signed a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Labor and Employment are recruiting Filipino workers through licensed recruitment agencies and not through POEA.

    Applicants may submit their applications to recruitment agencies with approved job orders from Canadian employers. Recruitment agencies are not allowed to collect placement fees from workers bound for Canada.

UAE has new regulation on passports
OFWs seeking work or returning to their jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are advised to check on the validity of their passports to avoid delay, which could adversely affect their employment in the Emirates.
  The Philippine passport must be valid for not less than six months if the OFW has no UAE residence permit. If the OFW holds a UAE special entry permit or an employment visa, their Philippine passports must be valid for not less than three months.
  Without valid passports, OFWs will not be granted a UAE entry permit or entry visa, which they need in order to enter the emirates and also return to the home country or any country, which issued their passports.

Australia not recruiting farmers, household workers
Filipino applicants for overseas jobs should be wary of illegal recruiters who promise jobs as farm and domestic workers in Australia. While there are many opportunities for skilled and professional workers in that country, many unscrupulous recruiters off
er domestic and farm jobs which are non-existent.

UAE adds Hepatitis C to list of deportable diseases

Effective July 1, 2008, the United Arab emirates will consider hepatitis C a deportable disease in addition to the present list that includes HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis B. The new test applies to all expatriates applying for residency and labor visas, including renewal. Anyone who tests positive for hepatitis C virus (HCV) will be deported

Filipino tourists cannot work in Romania

Beware of recruiters who encourage applicants for overseas jobs to enter Romania as tourists with the premise that a work permit will be issued when they arrive in the country.  Working in Romania using tourist visa (short stay visa) is not possible because it  is issued only through invitation and cannot be used  for a longer stay. Filipino workers who wish to legally stay and work in Romania should acquire the appropriate visa.
   The  employer needs to file with the Romanian Immigration Office a labor permit for permanent workers (long stay visa for labor purposes) on behalf of  the foreign worker justifying the necessity of hiring the selected worker.

Israel  seeks  stiffer penalty against assault of elderly

Israel has raised the punishment for assault of the elderly or those 65 years old and above, to five years imprisonment.  Knesset,  the Israel parliament will monitor the impact of the law and if proved ineffective, a more severe penalty will be introduced.
Prior to the passage of the bill, two cases of maltreatment of the elderly involving Filipino caregivers were reported in the Israeli  media.

Job scams in the internet

OFWs beware! The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration received reports of Filipino workers victimized by  the following employment scams in the internet:
Reserve Petroleum Nederland BV (www.reservpetroleum-ol.com)
  • Copied the website of a legitimate maritime contracting company, and posts fake offers for jobs in dredging and marine projects in Europe
  • Asks applicants to pay fees for visa or work/residence permit, additional fees to cover registration of documents
  • Targets OFWs in the Middle East
Western Nursing & Day Care Services Ltd. (wns.ltd.tripod.com/index.html)
  • Offers caregiving jobs in Canada
  • Applicants to pay visa fee and medical insurance
  • Uses free e-mail and website hosting services
First Global Manpower (firstglobal.manpowerrecruitment@yahoo.fr)
  • Offers jobs as fish packers, garden workers and office cleaners in Ecuador, USA, Canada and Turkey
  • Lists  office address in Ivory Coast
  • Uses  e-mail in recruitment (The POEA Administrator actually received such e-mail)
  • Charges service fees for processing of visa
Warning against recruiter for "jobs" in Spain
The POEA warns applicants against accepting offers from a certain Mrs. Garcia Jose who is illegally recruiting Filipino workers for Spain through e-mail. Mrs. Garcia promises employment upon arrival in Spain but the supposed job orders were found to be non-existent and the workers would leave the country using tourist visa.

POEA suspends implementation of new direct hiring policy
Secretary Arturo D. Brion has instructed the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to suspend immediately the implementation of POEA Memorandum Circular No. 4, Series of 2007. The POEA will process documents of directly hired Filipino workers using the procedures used before January 15, 2008 where repatriation and performance bonds are not required from the employers.

Egypt bans foreign domestic helpers 

Egypt is not accepting domestic helpers from other countries, including the Philippines, except those who are working for foreign diplomats, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs. The public is urged to report to POEA any recruitment agency or individual offering jobs for domestic helpers in Egypt.

POEA not recruiting OFWs for Canada
POEA’s government placement facility has no job openings for Canada.
Job orders for Canada are available at DOLE-POEA licensed recruitment agencies with accredited principals/employers. Interested applicants may apply with these  licensed recruitment agencies or search for job orders at our website. Click here for more information on working in Canada.

Total deployment ban
The Department of Labor and Employment, upon the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs has ordered a total ban in the deployment of ALL workers to Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Lebanon. The DOLE also directed the POEA to take active measures, criminal and administrative, against recruitment agencies violating the ban. 

No placement fee for Canada-bound OFWs

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration warns recruitment agencies against charging or collecting any recruitment and placement fee from workers to be deployed to Canada and countries which have laws that prohibit the same.
    The POEA Governing Board No. 4, Series of 2001 and the 2002 POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Land-based Overseas Workers prohibit a land-base agency from collecting any placement fee from workers who will be deployed in any country where the prevailing system, either by law, policy or practice does not allow said collection because the employer shall pay the cost of placement and recruitment services.
    The prohibition is specifically applicable to agencies that are deploying workers to the Canada provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.
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